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English Vision

At Mitchell Brook, we have ambition for all children to develop a life-long love of language and communication through their English learning. We achieve this through the use of diverse high-quality texts that inspire and excite young speakers, readers and writers.


English Aims  

  • For our children to become confident life-long readers, who love the world of books
  • For our children to be able to communicate meaning through the spoken and written word with confidence
  • For our children to enjoy writing and become writers for life
  • For our children to be proud of their writing in all areas of the curriculum
  • For our library to be used by all children and families 

How we teach Reading at Mitchell Brook...

We have a strong belief that it is not only our duty to provide the provision for the teaching of Reading but develop a love of reading in our students.  Encouraging children to read for pleasure supports them being a  ‘lifelong learner’ and this vision is at the forefront of our approach.

In Key Stage 1, children take part in Guided Reading sessions which are carried out in small groups, with adult-led focus groups, alongside independent activities. Our main focus is to ensure that children are developing their comprehension and decoding skills during their reading sessions.  This is carried in a variety of ways, including:

  • The systematic teaching of phonics - daily
  • Shared reading across different subject areas
  • Class novel that is shared at the end of the day
  • Weekly Library time to promote a love of reading
  • Supplementary provision to address identified gaps in reading

In Key Stage 2, children take part in Destination Reader lessons across the week. This is a whole-class reading approach that supports and develops children's understanding of the skills of reading. Children deepen their understanding of the high-quality texts they read through the systematic use of strategies and language stems so children are able to confidently discuss an author's styles, language and literary devices used. Our teaching of reading ensures that children make progress in their reading and builds on our school culture of reading for pleasure and enjoyment. 



Recommended Reading Lists 

Parents/Carers often ask what books they should read with their children at home.  Whilst there are no ‘rules’ as to what you should read, below are recommended, age-appropriate reading lists for each year group - why not print the list and challenge yourself to read them all!  Every class has a set of their year group recommended reads in their Class Library.


Sharing a wide and diverse range of stories at home


In the linked documents below, there are a variety of online stories featuring Black and ethnic minority characters and a range of settings from around the world.


These are accessed using QR codes (an example is included in the image to the left) which can be scanned using a camera on a mobile phone/ device or a QR reader app.


~ These QR codes open the stories using YouTube.  We would strongly recommend that parents or family members watch these stories with the children so they can discuss the themes of the stories and ensure children are not using YouTube unattended ~