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History & Geography

At Mitchell Brook, we love to learn; both adults and students.  We make our learning as exciting, relevant and engaging as possible so that sometimes it doesn’t even feel like work!



Every half term, each year group has a new and interesting topic to learn about.  This will have a specific History or Geography focus.  Each half term’s topic is launched with a ‘hook into learning’.  This is an exciting and engaging introduction to the new topic.  We make these as big and as dramatic as possible – we never know what is going to happen!  Previous examples include: a crashed alien spacecraft, a mysterious break-in, a mischievous Aztec god and the discovery of a secret agent’s classified files!
The learning throughout the half term is threaded through the different subject including Literacy and Maths in a cross-curricular way.  This provides opportunities for the children to see how their learning can be applied to many different, real-life situations.


Trips and Learning Experiences

Wherever possible, every class should have the opportunity to go on an educational experience or attend an in-school workshop each half term.  These give the children an opportunity for ‘hands-on’ learning and can take place at any point throughout the half term.


Parents and carers have the opportunity to attend these trips - details are sent out in advance in letter format.


How can families and friends get involved?

The students’ learning will be displayed and shared in a ‘Celebration of Learning’, which takes place at the end of the half term.  These can be as an individual class, as a year group or even as a whole school.  This is an opportunity for the students to share their learning both verbally and by showing off their art work, design creations and written pieces.


Letters are sent home at the beginning of every half term outlining the learning that will take place and informing parents and carers about the interesting hook, planned trips and experiences and how learning can be supported at home.