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Learning at Home

Learning at Home


Online Learning

In order to provide students with feedback and support while working away from school, we are providing a number of online learning opportunities for the students in Pre-Secondary. Below is a list of the online platforms where children will be able to revise, assess and most importantly have fun while they are learning. In order to access these sites, all students have been provided with the relevant Usernames and passwords.

This tool allows students to access a wealth of information for all subjects. Teachers will be setting 2Dos for the students to complete and will be providing feedback where required. This site can be accessed through the school’s webpage in the Students section.

Students will be able to access a number of online Punctuation and Grammar tests in order to practisc SATs style questions. Students will be able to use their Blue Grammar CGP books to provide support while taking the tests.

We will be using this platform to provide students with any messages or notifications about their online learning. This will also allow students to have access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Earth and many more applications to help support your child’s learning.

This site will allow students to take part in a variety of Maths lessons. Each unit has pre-recorded video lessons, study guides, practice questions and assessment opportunities. Class teachers will be able to review the students learning and set next steps for learning.

This program allows students to practise spelling and arithmetic concepts through fun and interactive games. Teachers will be updating spelling lists on a regular basis so make sure you are accessing the program regularly.

CGP Books

At the beginning of the year all students purchased a set of 5 CGP study and work books. Students will be able to continue to work through these books and use the study guides to help support them with their learning.


SATS Style Question Packs

In order to allow student to practice test style questions, we have develop SATs practice packs for the students to compete. These have been developed based on different domains and also include the answers in order to assess and provide feedback on the students learning.

Wider curriculum

Many wider curriculum opportunities will be provided to the students through Purple Mash including: Game making, coding, art projects, history and geography tasks and many more. Please ensure that the students make the time to take part in these wider curriculum tasks to ensure they have a good balance of learning.


Everyday Learning

During the student’s time away from school, it is a great opportunity for them to explore learning through real life situations. This includes concepts to do with Time, Money, Measurement through cooking, diary writing, holiday planning (Travel distances, costs, currency conversions), keeping up to date with the news and many more. We want the students to take advantage of the many life learning experiences which are presented to the students every day.