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On the final day of health week we had warm ups for all, workshops on healthy teeth and staying safe and more Zumba sessions.

The Extravaganza by Sycamore class demonstrated all the things we learned in the workshops and activities during the week. Healthy eating, staying fit and happy, making the right choices, and giving our bodies and minds enough rest, are all ways we can help ourselves to get the most from life and our learning.

Sycamore class also reminded us that health needs are part of the UN Rights of the Child, which as a Rights-Respecting school, are built into the ethos of our school.


See lots more on the Health Week Page



Max the Hodge Heg got confused after a bump on the head trying to cross the road. But he decided to find a safe way for all the others like him. The Acacia Class Extravaganza retold this favourite story by Dick King-Smith - and it reminded us we have a crossing and people at the school making the roads safe for us!



Mitchell Brook has been awarded the Primary Science Quality Award at the Gold Standard.

The Award is sponsored by the Wellcome Trust to promote excellent teaching of science, and the Gold Award shows the school has reached the highest standard.

The judges said that Miss Lea-Robbins and the team are leading the subject passionately and effectively, and thought it was a 'fabulous idea' to build the science teaching on the school's star values!



The Cherry Class Extravaganza told the story of the Twits - one of Roald Dahl's best-known books. 

The Twits are DISGUSTING! Cherry Class showed us why the story is so funny and great to read, and that ugliness on the outside starts with ugly thoughts. And that can change!

See lots more on the special Twits Extravaganza page.



Science club is back under way for the Summer term and this week it was the Egg Challenge! The children had to design a protective cushion to hold an egg and prevent it from cracking when dropped from a height.
The children showed wonderful team work to create their designs from a range of materials.
Check out the science club page for video clips of us testing out our designs.



A team of Mitchell Brook children bid for £1,000 funding to start an environmental charity - and won!

The scheme will drive up re-cycling in our area, reducing waste and litter and improving the environment and quality of life for us all. 

The children put the idea to a panel of bankers and managers at City Hall who were so impressed they decided to back the project. 

The team included children from year six who decided to apply, and year four members of the science club. They grasped the opportunity provided by City Pitch, one of the projects organised by the Mayor's Fund for London. This initiative is funded by Santander Bank and their reps were on the panel.

The children came up with the idea, made the plan, designed the logo, and presented the bid. With a bit of support from Miss Clarke and Miss Lea-Robbins they succeeded, and found out first-hand about how to make things happen with funding from civic and corporate sponsors.



Are We Missing Out On Free School Meals?

There is now a quick on-line way to check if a child is eligible for free school meals.

Click this link to go to the checker.

If you think your family might be entitled, please use this to find out. This also helps to make sure that the school is receiving as much funding and support as possible.


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