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Have a wonderful Spring Break!

School restarts on Tuesday 22nd April



Sing, Dance, Play - the Mitchell Brook Music Showcase 2014


Lots of music-related lessons, clubs and events have been happening and at the Showcase we saw and heard some of what the children have been learning and achieving. The choir were in full voice and children played their instruments. Plus there was the ever-popular African drummers, Irish Dancers and the Steel Pan Band! 

Members of the school community can see much more on the Fronter events pages


Out Now - Latest Issue
of The Brook

The latest issue of the School Magazine The Brook is on sale now and its a bumper 32 PAGER, packed with news, interviews, country profiles, travel writing, biography, book reviews, features, pet pages, recipes, poetry and pictures. All produced by children for children and the school community. Make sure you get your copy before the end of term - only 50p!



Golden Ticket to the Easter Egg Hunt

Some special children got to go on an Easter egg hunt! Children who had won golden tickets for great behaviour and following instructions were invited to go on the hunt - and found a lot of Easter treats!


Spring is Here and 
Easter is Coming

Children were invited to get into the spirit of Spring and Easter by designing their own Easter bonnets. The event was organised by the school's PTA group and children from all years could take part. There will be prizes for the best bonnet - winners to be announced soon!

(Click the pic to see more of the bonnets)

Aspiring, Inspiring Extravaganza

Magnolia class gave us the last extravaganza of the term and managed to fit in learning about electricity, turning dreams into lives, how some dreams are not always how they seem, and THREE inspiring songs!


The school community can see lots more on the Fronter events pages.


Staying Safe On-Line

We have been learning how to stay safe on line, while still gaining from all the useful benefits of the Internet. 

We understand that it is important to be careful with information about ourselves on line, and always to speak to an adult we trust if we see something that upsets us.

Now we are going to use our team-work and design skills to make our own UNFORGETTABLE versions of the e-safety rules. 


Outstanding Achievers 


We heard about fantastic work and outstanding examples of our Star Values at this week's Achievement Assembly


Science Club - Finding Out About Reactions

The Science Club and Miss Lea-Robbins had a fascinating time this week carrying out two experiments.


They were looking at what happens when we mix different things together. The first experiment was with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar, the second with Coke and Mentos. The result has to do with carbon dioxide. There was a lot to learn and observe! You see the science club in action on this video


Sports Relief Day 2014

This week Acacia class gave us an Extravaganza all about Sports Relief Day. We heard about healthy eating, and some of the inspiring things people have done to raise money for the great causes being supported by Sports Relief.

They told us about children who have to work in difficult, dangerous places, and how Sports Relief is helping. Plus things we can do to make a difference.

The school community can see more on the Fronter Events pages.

And we had our own lap-a-thon! Children from all years in the school took part and did all the laps the could to raise money and show their support.




to everyone who donated towards Book Aid on World Book Day and who got sponsorship money for the Read-a-Thon.

We raised £95 for Book Aid and £160 from the Read-a-Thon to go towards books for the library.

A new system is coming soon that will let us select and check out our books, plus find new things to read and share our ideas - all on-line. 


Meetings and Courses for Parents and Carers

Coffee mornings are held every Tuesday at 9am. Everyone is welcome to come and hear and talk about how the school supports the children and their families. 

See the Parents and Carers page for more details.


 Looking for some of the great things that happened last term? You can still read about them on the news archive page, and on the Fronter events pages. 


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