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Standing Challenge for Science Club

The science club were set the challenge of building a structure containing three cubes - from something malleable, and something rigid - namely marshmallows and spaghetti! It turned out to be much harder than it looks!

Still, eventually two prizes were awarded - one for the team that successfully built the tower, and another for some brilliant team-work in the attempt.


For Our Parents and Carers

Coffee mornings, free courses, and opportunities to meet staff and other parents. See what is happening this term on the Parents and Carers page.


It's All About Rights

We are on our way to being an officially Rights Respecting School.

Evidence has been sent off showing how respect for Children's Rights has been applied all across the school, and we are expecting Recognition soon.

The Sycamore and Banyan Classes Extravaganza reminded us of the key rights of children - and the articles of the UN convention that define them. There was even a test for the adults of what we learnt! See lots more on the RRS extravaganza page.


The New Year's Aspiration

At the latest achievements assembly we heard about the great learning and progress already happening this term.

Of all the qualities the teachers mentioned about the pupils, it was star value of ASPIRING ATTITUDES shining through that impressed them most.


Our Team London Award Star

Manuel in year six has received a certificate from London Mayor Boris for the contribution he is making through the school to our community.

He was one of seven people honoured during a special meeting at City Hall to celebrate the achievements of volunteers, charities, business leaders and public service groups from all over Brent and Harrow.

The mayor noted that Manuel is a goodwill ambassador and councillor at the school inspiring his peers to random acts of kindness and exemplifying the school star values!


Where Everyone is a Winner

Mitchell Brook children have received a special award for top sportsmanship.

At the Brent schools indoor athletics tournament the team of 14 athletes from years four and five came first in the award for fair play.

It was a big endorsement for Miss Melissa and the team who created and signed their own sportsmanship treaty. Later they each received an individual certificate from the school for the great way they represented the Mitchell Brook values. (Click the pic for a bigger image)


New Tuck-shop Starbites Launches

Starbites tuck-shop is now open in the back playground during break-times, offering a range of healthy snacks and juices.

The shop is being run by children from year five who have been taking part in the Fruits to Suits course on how to be entrepreneurs. They decided all about stock, management, marketing - and the name.

Come and see what's on offer, and let the management know what you think!


Explosive Explorers: The Kauri and Sequoia Extravaganza

On todays show with the stars of Kauri and Sequoia classes are special guests - the first to reach the Americas, the South Pole, and the Moon.

They showed how it takes great qualities to be the first to do something, or the very first to see something, like courage, perseverance and total belief in yourself. But it is important to be mindful of how others are affected also.

We'll never forget these amazing lessons! See more here.



Year five are on course in their mission to save the world from running out of stories.

Scientists from the future, posing as actors from the Tricycle Theatre, set the children the task of creating the Story to save all Stories. At the latest session they were working out essential features for the characters, plots and settings.

If the children succeed in their mission, the finished production will be staged by Tricycle Theatre. More soon!


Are We Missing Out On Free School Meals?

There is now a quick on-line way to check if a child is eligible for free school meals.

Click this link to go to the checker.

If you think your family might be entitled, please use this to find out. This also helps to make sure that the school is receiving as much funding and support as possible.


Parents and Carers in the School Community

Parents and carers are central to our school community.

Coffee mornings are every Tuesday at 8.50am, come along to find out more.

Our family maths class are gaining brilliant knowledge, and the ability to support the children.

They have just taken the latest proficiency certificate. Click the pic for a bigger image.


 Looking for some of the events that happened earlier in the year? You can still read about them on the news archive page