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"The school's curriculum provides challenging, varied and meaningful learning experiences for pupils." 

                                                                                                   OFSTED 2015


'Inspiring the minds of tomorrow to be confident life-long learners; through high Ambition, strengthening a positive sense of Identity and contributing to Society so that every child can succeed'


Our Curriculum is driven by a desire to address social disadvantage through creating opportunity, aspiration and experience. Our Curriculum provides equality of opportunity to encourage and motivate the children and our community, to have high aspirations and expectations of themselves and others. As a result of the highest expectations, every child will succeed. 


Our curriculum intent has three pillars: Ambition, Identity and Society.



We have high expectations of children's achievement and as such, children receive a broad curriculum that is rigorous. The curriculum is designed to promote the retention of substantive knowledge taught and support children's understanding of the disciplinary attributes needed to succeed across all curriculum areas. 



We plan inclusive curriculum sequences which build on what children know and understand, promote a sense of belonging and equip children to recognise racism, bias and stereotyping. Our curriculum is designed so that children gain an understanding of people and communities that are similar and different to their own.  



We are uncompromising in our drive to provide opportunities for children to succeed at Mitchell Brook and beyond. Our curriculum supports children to value their community and contribute to it in various ways, making positive contributions to society. 








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