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“When I feel worried, it’s like I’m in a maze and the people in Place2Be are coming with a torch and showing me the way”

                                                                                   - Year 4 child

“My daughter had become such a different person – one we didn’t recognise but since counselling we see signs of our old loving daughter coming back.”

                                                                            – Parent

Mitchell Brook Primary School works with Place2Be, a children's mental health charity that helps pupils explore their emotions and feel better about themselves.  Children can go to the Place2Be room in school to express themselves by creating art, playing or talking.


Why is Place2Be useful?
Sometimes children can feel particularly sad, confused, scared or angry. 

Maybe something difficult happened at home, like losing a family member or parents separating. Or perhaps they’re struggling with something at school, like bullying.  This can make them behave differently, lose confidence in themselves or find it difficult to concentrate in class.

Place2Be is there to help children find ways to cope, so their worries don’t get in the way of their friendships, their learning or how they feel about themselves.


What does Place2Be do?
Place2Be’s professionals work with children one-to-one or in small groups, giving regular support for pupils who need it.  Children can also book a short appointment to talk about any problems or worries they have – this is called Place2Talk.


How does Place2Be work with adults?
Place2Be provides support and advice for parents and carers, as well as teachers and school staff. Get in touch with Carima to find out more.  Place2Be always gets agreement from parents or carers before they support a child through one-to-one counselling. They also meet with parents or carers regularly to keep them updated and make sure they are involved from the start. 


Any questions?
Carima Nolten is the School Project Manager for Place2Be.  Carima works Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. You can either arrange to meet her at the school or get in touch by email using Alternatively she can be contacted on telephone 020 8439 1392.

If you want to find out more about Place2Be, click on the link below.


Please click on the link below for the Place2Be opt out form:

**Place2Be Update - support during school closures**


Dear Parents/Carers,

Like the rest of the school, Place2Be is adapting as Coronavirus (COVID-19) impacts society and everyday lives. We're working hard to ensure we support as many children and families as possible during this uncertain time.

To find useful tips and a range of activities, from some of our trusted partner activities, which families can do together please check out the resources on our website (link below).


Some of these ideas will help you start conversations with your child about challenging topics, keep them entertained and inspired whilst at home, and encourage you to enjoy quality time together as a family. We hope that these are helpful and provide some fun and engaging activities to do with your children at home.


Do also please let school know if you would like telephone contact from the Place2Be School Project Manager, Carima Nolten.


P.S. I, along with the Place2Be team, wish you lots of strength, patience, health and well-being and look forward to connecting again soon. Here is the link on the Place2Be website:

Interactive Ideas and Activities for Parents/Carers and Children:

Interactive activities workbook –  e.g. create a time capsule with your child:

Mindfulness activities, games and yoga videos for children:

The Big Assembly

Place2Be launched Children's Mental Health Week 2017 with a special assembly at Mitchell Brook Primary School.  Children talked about the efforts they have been making to develop the 'K' Factor - Kindness. 

The assembly was attended by the Duchess of Cambridge, Patron of Place2Be, who shared her own views on the importance of kindness.