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Personal Development

Welcome to the Personal Development page!

Every week, videos and resources will be added so we can continue our P.D. learning and develop ourselves mentally and physically.

Summer 2 Week 7 - Our final week of this academic year!

Celebration and Recognition


As this is our final week of school before the summer holidays, we are taking the opportunity to look back at this unique year, reflect on the learning that we completed and look forward to the new school year...whatever that will bring.


Celebration - Task 1: Certificate to me!

When we celebrate success, we often get certificates that show what we have succeeded at and achieved.

Think of your achievements. What are you proud of? What would you get a certificate for and why?
Design, decorate and write your certificate.  You could ask your friends and family what they would give you a certificate for too!


Design your own or use the template below for some inspiration - fill the star with all the things you succeeded in or achieved this year.  How many can you think of?


Recognition - Task 2: Say a thank you!

It is always good to let people know when they have made you feel better or happy as that will make them feel happy too! Think of an adult or friend who has helped you this year. It may be a teacher, parent/carer, neighbour or a friend. 

How have they helped you? How did it make you feel? 

Make a card or write them a postcard , a letter or an email to let them know! If you can send it in the post, it is always a lovely surprise to receive!