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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Class Teachers

Holly Juniper Palm
Safiya Mohamed Serene Antony Sanaa Lazizi


Learning at Home

Please see below some suggested activities and resources for Year 5 children that can be used at home. 


These can be used alongside the online resources the students can already access such as: EdShed (Spelling and Maths), Purple Mash (all subjects) and the HUGE range of resources available through MyUSO and the London Grid for Learning.  See the Home Practice page for more information.

Choose an activity from this table and complete it in your Home Practice exercise book or on paper.




Reading activities - red

Writing activities - purple

Maths activities - blue

Spanish activities - green

Art, History, Science & P.D. - black


Secure knowledge of the times tables (up to 12 x 12) is a key skill that supports children in all areas of their Maths learning, as well as real life!


Using some of the links in the suggested activities above, the times table games on Ed Shed and a multiplication grid like the one pictured here, the students can quickly and easily improve their fluency and speed when calculating mentally.