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At Mitchell Brook, we are readers and we endeavour for every child to succeed in Reading. We are proud to offer a text rich curriculum by exposing children to a wide variety of ambitious, diverse texts that develop their life-long love for reading, strengthening their positive sense of identity. Reading at our school enables pupils both to acquire knowledge and to build on what they already know as we offer a rigorous, sequential approach to the reading curriculum which develops pupils’ fluency, confidence and enjoyment in reading




At Mitchell Brook, we use the Read Write Inc. (RWI) Phonics systematic phonics programme for all children in Reception, Year One and Year Two who are learning to read.


Focused Reading Groups

Focused reading groups take place in addition to English lessons throughout Key Stage 1. Teachers work with a focused group each day to improve the quality of reading and comprehension ensuring that each group is given at least one teacher or teaching assistant directed session per week. Groups who are working independently are given tasks appropriate to their level. Tasks may include activities relating to texts already read or preparation for texts to be studied.

Oxford Reading levels



At Mitchell Brook, we use Oxford reading levels to track and assess our children’s reading. It is an expert system used to determine the level of many popular primary reading books from Oxford. Oxford Reading Levels progressively build fluency, comprehension and stamina which leads pupils to become successful readers.









Destination Readers

In KS2, we use Destination reader which is a rigorous and systematic approach to the teaching and learning of reading across KS2, using well-proven strategies to deepen comprehension of texts. It fully meets the requirements of the National Curriculum for reading and speaking and listening.


Recommended Reading List

EYFS | Year 1 | Year 2 | Year 3 | Year 4 | Year 5 | Year 6


How can you help at home?

Read with your child every day. Sign their reading record or get them to sign it independently to communicate the reading done at home with the teacher. Remind your child to bring in their Reading record and reading book every day. Regularly visit the school library and your local library to promote and encourage their reading for pleasure





Home Reading Expectations

Reading to your child 

Read different books with or to your child at least six days a week for at least 15-20 minutes.

Hearing your child read 

Listen to your child read  and talk about what they have read referring to the questions in your child’s reading record.  

Signing your child’s reading record 

Sign and date your child’s reading record each day with the book they have read to you or you have read to them.  

Changing books 

School books will be changed at least weekly and a school adult will sign your child’s reading record weekly.  


Useful websites


Sharing a wide and diverse range of stories at home


In the linked documents below, there are a variety of online stories featuring Black and ethnic minority characters and a range of settings from around the world.


These are accessed using QR codes (an example is included in the image to the left) which can be scanned using a camera on a mobile phone/ device or a QR reader app.


~ These QR codes open the stories using YouTube.  We would strongly recommend that parents or family members watch these stories with the children so they can discuss the themes of the stories and ensure children are not using YouTube unattended ~