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Curriculum Overviews

Our year group Curriculum Overviews show the learning that will take place across the year for each half term.  Curriculum learning events and the high-quality texts used to support learning across the curriculum are also shown.


Click on the link below to find out what Nursery will be learning this year.


Current Learning

Click on the links below to see what we are currently learning in Bonsai Class.  You can see what are going to be learning in each area of the curriculum, what we will know by the end of the half term and how you can support us at home.


Look on Seesaw for further information throughout the half term.



Half term Superstar Challenge - Orienteering



For the half term break, the Superstar Challenge is set around our new and exciting orienteering course!  This involves using maps of the school site to find a series of markers in the shortest amount of time possible.  All children will have the opportunity to use the different courses and develop their physical fitness, map reading skills and team-work.  


The Superstar Challenge is an opportunity for the children to design their own course - either using the map provided or one they have drawn themselves.



We hope everyone gets the opportunity to try out the challenge and please bring them into school for everyone to see!  Alternatively pictures can be brought into school or uploaded onto Seesaw.


Download the full version of the challenge and the larger version of the map below