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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!


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Rachael Miles Sagal Jama Lloyd Hayter-Lewis


Learning at Home

Please see below some suggested activities and resources for Year 1 children that can be used at home. 


These can be used alongside the online resources the students can already access such as: EdShed (Spelling and Maths), Purple Mash (all subjects) and the HUGE range of resources available through MyUSO and the London Grid for Learning.  See the Home Practice page for more information.


Below you will find a 'Monster Phonics' poster which shows the different sounds that the children are learning.  You will also see a parent log-in to access resources at home.


The Year 1 High Frequency Words and spelling list are below.  Children can practise these verbally, on paper or through games such as Bingo or matching word cards.


We have also included handwriting paper so children can practise 'sitting' the letters on the solid line (blue line) with ascenders (d, f, b) and descenders (y, g, p) using the dotted lines above (green line) and below (brown line).  A poster showing the formation and joins strokes for each letter has been included as well.


Below you will find some suggestions for and links to a variety of Maths activities that you can complete with your child.  There is also some guidance on the different visual methods that we use in school to support learning at home.