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Welcome to Reception!

This Learning journey will instil a sense of belonging and identity as they will learn the history of their local community and understand their heritage. Children would have the opportunity to explore their chosen topic by visiting the local area and discover different landmarks and the society they were brought up in, which in turn will provoke curiosity and engagement.

During this Learning Journey, children will explore and uncover the impact we have in the world. They will explore on how our neighbourhood has changed over time, comparing Brent geographically in the past and present. We will look at how humans have impacted our local community through pollution, traffic and litter and what we can do to make a positive change.

During our Learning Journey, we will be focusing on the area around the school and developing our geographical knowledge. Taking care of our city allows us to live in a clean and calm environment. We will learn about animals and plants that grow up around us, what they need in order to grow and how we can take care of them. We will experience how to care for various living things and also grow our own plants, learning what to do to take care of them. We will explore our local area safely, focusing on the habitats of different creatures and how we can support their growth.

As we come to the end of our learning journey we have put together a showcase of our response to the secret History mission set by Ms Ilic, Miss Linton-Marshall, Ms Elmi and Ms Carty.


As part of our music learning  this half term, the children have learnt a song linked to London. Take a look at our performance videos below.

Reception - London Bridge

London: A Place for me!

London: A Place for Me!

This Learning Journey will focus on London and where we live. We will be exploring images of our local area and we will ask families to send in some images of their ‘local area’ for the children to share with their friends. We will explore our similarities and differences and the relationships we have with others e.g. friends and family.


We will be making maps of our journeys that we make and write instructions of how to get to key places in our local area. 

Reception - Rhythm & Rhyme Video

Rhythm and Rhyme!


This Learning Journey will focus on the use of rhyme in stories to help children with the start of their reading journey. Knowing how to continue a rhyming string e.g. cat...hat...mat...sat is a key skill that is integral for young children. We will be

exploring this through Nursery Rhymes, vocabulary-rich stories and in our phonics lessons. Through singing and music we will be looking specifically at rhythm, which is another skill that will help us with our reading. We will also be learning about key celebration that take place over the second half of the Autumn term to celebrate diversity within the community.

For more information, please see the Learning Journey Letter and Knowledge Organiser below.


Celebrating our Learning!


During this Learning Journey, children have been finding out about themselves, their culture and their family.  


As a year group, the children have created a video to showcase the  learning over the last 5 weeks.  We have chosen a selection of photos to show the fantastic learning that has taken part during this learning journey. 

Proud Black British History

During the Autumn Term, our Learning Journey will be 'Proud Black British History'.  All year groups will be learning about a significant historical figure and the impact they had or exploring themselves, their class and their community.  All the significant figures were pioneers and championed equal rights and opportunities for Black people. 


In EYFS, they will be exploring the lives of people around them and comparing their own lives to things that have happened in the past.


Please see the Learning Journey Overview and Knowledge Organiser below for further information, home learning activities and helpful resources to promote discussion at home.

New EYFS Framework

We have started this school year with an exciting change for our 'Early Years Foundation Stage'. The government is preparing to release a new document of 'Curriculum Guidance' for the 'Early Years Foundation Stage' in September 2021. Our school has opted in to be an ‘Early adopter’ of this new guidance and will be piloting the 'New Early Learning Goals'. 


Under The Early Years Foundation Stage (Exemption from Learning and Development Requirements) and Childcare (Exemption from Registration) (Amendment) Regulations 2020, the Secretary of State for Education grants exemption from the following sections of the 2017 Early Years Foundation Stage statutory framework:

a) The educational programmes under EYFS paragraph 1.5; and

b) The early learning goals set out on pages 10 to 12 of the EYFS; and

c) The requirements set out in paragraph 2.6 to 2.11 of the EYFS relating to Assessments and moderation at the end of the reception year – the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile – which requires settings to complete the Profile and submit the same to the local authority.

Mitchell Brook will instead follow, in full, the EYFS reforms early adopter framework (