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Banyan Kauri Sequoia
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Aisha Qadri


Pre-Secondary - World War 1 & The Christmas Truce

Hidden Histories of Britain


During the History Learning Journey, children will explore and uncover the real, rich history our children deserve to learn. They will examine forgotten stories of men and women in history and examine how they have shaped Britain today. Children will develop a deeper understanding of the events the lead to the first World War.  They will begin to have a strong sense of how to use primary and secondary sources to develop a historical understanding about life during this time.  By the end of this unit, children will have a clear idea about how the war has influenced Britain today.

For more information, please see the Learning Journey Letter and Knowledge Organiser below.


Celebrating our Learning!


During this History Learning Journey, children have investigated and interpreted the past.  Children have learnt about key Black British men and women and their contributions to Britain.  They have explored the features of the past, including ideas, beliefs, attitudes and experiences of men, women and children during the period of time they lived.  Children have been able to understand how and why the significant person they studied has impacted their lives today.


Every class has been taking part in our 'Poetry Slam' competition, with learning inspired by a significant black poet.  The children chose and voted for a winning poem, learnt it as a class and performed it for you to watch at home!

Banyan Class Poetry Performance

Kauri Class Poetry Performance

Sequoia Class Poetry Performance

As a year group, the children have created a news broadcast to showcase the historical learning over the last 5 weeks.  

Proud Black British History

During the Autumn Term, our Learning Journey will be 'Proud Black British History'.  All year groups will be learning about a significant historical figure and the impact they had or exploring themselves, their class and their community.  All the significant figures were pioneers and championed equal rights and opportunities for Black people. 


In Pre-Secondary, they will be finding out more about Lilian Bader, who was the first Black woman to join the Royal Airforce (RAF).


Please see the Learning Journey Overview and Knowledge Organiser below for further information, home learning activities and helpful resources to promote discussion at home.

Welcome to Pre-Secondary!  We have created a short information presentation for our Year 6 families to watch at home.  This includes information on uniform, daily routines, home learning and blended (virtual) learning.  If you have any other questions, please email us at

Pre-Secondary Information Presentation

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