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At Mitchell Brook Primary School we believe that physical activity not only improves health, reduces stress and improves concentration, but also promotes correct physical growth and development.  Exercise has a positive influence on academic achievement, emotional stability and interaction with others. Through sport and other physical activities our children will learn about their responsibilities both as individuals and members of groups and teams. They learn to cooperate and to compete fairly, understanding their own and other’s roles.


Our vision for Physical Education is to inspire and encourage all children, regardless of background or ability, to engage in a variety of physical activities to strengthen and broaden their agility, balance and coordination. This is achieved by providing all pupils with the opportunity to explore and develop physical life skills by promoting teamwork, healthy competition and pupil's personal best; while promoting the school star values.


We follow a broad and balanced PE curriculum fulfilling the requirements of the National Curriculum. Over the academic year our students learn the skills required to participate in invasion games, dance, gym and a range of other activities  We strive to develop the fitness of the individual, by ensuring a good pace in lessons and incorporating fitness activities into physical education lessons as appropriate.

In addition to our school curriculum, our students compete in a range of Borough competitions, sports festivals and local cluster fixtures that take place at regular intervals during the appropriate term.


Along with the large variety of physical activity within the curriculum we also offer a range of after school clubs such as Football, Basketball, Tag Rugby, Dance, Hockey, Tennis and Multi Sports.