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From the moment the children start in early years they begin to gain key scientific knowledge that they later build on. Children learn to use Science to make sense of the world around them, predict how things might behave to better understand why and how things happen. Children are encouraged to develop a natural curiosity and follow well-considered lines of enquiry as they explore rich content and are able to apply this knowledge to practice, developing a range of scientific skills. We will nurture children’s excitement for future possibilities in science and provide many opportunities for children pursue this in our enrichment opportunities.



At Mitchell Brook, our Science curriculum is intricately designed to cultivate a dynamic and student-led approach, centred around the principles of enquiry-based learning. This approach spans from the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) to Key Stage 2 (KS2), allowing for a seamless continuum of scientific exploration and understanding. Each unit begins with an elicitation activity, designed to gauge existing misconceptions and reinforce fundamental concepts. This encourages students to critically examine their preconceptions and pave the way for deeper scientific understanding.


We use the Switched-on Science program by LGFL, a scheme that is seamlessly aligned with the national curriculum, to support curriculum planning. Each lesson is structured around a central enquiry question, carefully chosen to inspire curiosity and guide students towards a process of enquiry. In doing so, we aim to instil a sense of purpose and direction to facilitate a student-led approach to teaching and learning.


Our curriculum is further enhanced with the inclusion of a range of different enrichment opportunities designed to amplify the learning experience. Workshops, interactive sessions, and carefully curated trips, including visits to museums and the exploration of local sites serve as extensions of the classroom which provides real-world contexts that deepen students' appreciation and understanding of scientific concepts.



The progressive and interconnected nature of our curriculum allows for pupils to acquire ‘sticky knowledge’ that underpins the key scientific concepts. This ensures that students embark on a cohesive educational journey, where each lesson builds organically upon the foundations laid in previous year groups.


Beyond the classroom, the impact of our Science curriculum extends through our enrichment opportunities. The experiences provide students with experiential learning, reinforcing and contextualising theoretical concepts. They not only broaden students' horizons but also foster a genuine passion for science.