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Home Practice

Home Practice

Here you will be able to find links, information and activities that can be completed at home.  Some, like EdShed, are a weekly expectation with spelling and mental Maths assignments scheduled every week.  Some, like MyUSO, can be accessed as often as you like!

EdShed - weekly

Please click on the link below to access 'Spelling Shed' and 'Maths Shed'. 

The students use these links to access the weekly Home Practice.  


Please see your child's class teacher if you need any support in logging on or see the step-by-step instructions linked below.

Children can complete the activities on a mobile phone, tablet or computer with internet access completely free of charge.


Alternatively there are Spelling Shed and Maths Shed apps available to purchase and download through the Apple App Store (The Spelling Shed app is also available through Google Play and the Amazon app store). Each app costs £2.99 each or both apps can be purchased as a bundle for £4.99.  The content can be downloaded and the students can complete the activities offline.  


Please use the links below for more information.


Phonics is an integral element of your child's literacy journey and is one of the key components of learning to read with fluency.  It teaches children how to decode letters into their respective sounds, allowing children to read unfamiliar words independently.  Keep in mind that most words are unfamiliar to early readers, even if they have knowledge of the word.  At Mitchell Brook, we use a fun, engaging programme called Monster Phonics that follows the teaching sequence of Letters & Sounds from Nursery, up through Reception and Key Stage 1. 


For further information about phonics and the Monster Phonics scheme, including videos of single sounds and digraphs (two letters that make one sound), click here for our Phonics curriculum page.




We have put together a list of useful resources below for you to use at home with your child to help support them.